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MONITOR_SERVER@/root> badblocks -help
Usage: badblocks [-b block_size] [-i input_file] [-o output_file] [-svwnf]
[-c blocks_at_once] [-p num_passes] [-t test_pattern [-t test_pattern […]]]
device [last_block [start_block]]

MONITOR_SERVER@/root> badblocks -s -v /dev/sda1
Checking blocks 0 to 104391
Checking for bad blocks (read-only test): done
Pass completed, 0 bad blocks found.



使用analyze 收集统计信息
Analyze Statement
The ANALYZE statement can be used to gather statistics for a specific table, index or cluster. The statistics can be computed exactly, or estimated based on a specific number of rows, or a percentage of rows:




EXEC DBMS_UTILITY.analyze_schema(‘SCOTT’,’ESTIMATE’, estimate_rows => 100);
EXEC DBMS_UTILITY.analyze_schema(‘SCOTT’,’ESTIMATE’, estimate_percent => 15);

EXEC DBMS_UTILITY.analyze_database(‘COMPUTE’);
EXEC DBMS_UTILITY.analyze_database(‘ESTIMATE’, estimate_rows => 100);
EXEC DBMS_UTILITY.analyze_database(‘ESTIMATE’, estimate_percent => 15);DBMS_STATS

The DBMS_STATS package was introduced in Oracle 8i and is Oracles preferred method of gathering object statistics. Oracle list a number of benefits to using it including parallel execution,
long term storage of statistics and transfer of statistics between servers. Once again, it follows a similar format to the other methods:

EXEC DBMS_STATS.gather_database_stats;
EXEC DBMS_STATS.gather_database_stats(estimate_percent => 15);

EXEC DBMS_STATS.gather_schema_stats(‘SCOTT’);
EXEC DBMS_STATS.gather_schema_stats(‘SCOTT’, estimate_percent => 15);

EXEC DBMS_STATS.gather_table_stats(‘SCOTT’, ‘EMPLOYEES’);
EXEC DBMS_STATS.gather_table_stats(‘SCOTT’, ‘EMPLOYEES’, estimate_percent => 15);

EXEC DBMS_STATS.gather_index_stats(‘SCOTT’, ‘EMPLOYEES_PK’);
EXEC DBMS_STATS.gather_index_stats(‘SCOTT’, ‘EMPLOYEES_PK’, estimate_percent => 15);This package also gives you the ability to delete statistics:

EXEC DBMS_STATS.delete_database_stats;
EXEC DBMS_STATS.delete_schema_stats(‘SCOTT’);
EXEC DBMS_STATS.delete_table_stats(‘SCOTT’, ‘EMPLOYEES’);
EXEC DBMS_STATS.delete_index_stats(‘SCOTT’, ‘EMPLOYEES_PK’);Scheduling Stats



select instance_name,status from v$instance;
select instance_name,status from gv$instance;

select index_name,index_type,status,table_name from user_indexes;

select sid,event,p1,p2 from v$session_wait;

oracle 创建可快速刷新的物化视图

drop table lgc_mv;
create table lgc_mv (id number,
name varchar2(30),
loc varchar2(30),
dep_id number,
sal number);

insert into lgc_mv values(1,’luda’,’hz’,101,5555);
insert into lgc_mv values(2,’luya’,’hz’,102,6666);
insert into lgc_mv values(3,’shaoshan’,’bj’,103,7777);
insert into lgc_mv values(4,’xiaxian’,’xm’,104,5355);
insert into lgc_mv values(5,’langyu’,’hz’,105,5556);
insert into lgc_mv values(6,’sushan’,’wrmj’,106,5457);
insert into lgc_mv values(7,’hens’,’bj’,107,5337);

insert into lgc_mv values(8,’join’,’bj’,107,10240);

drop table sales
create table sales (id number,
name varchar2(30),
dep_id number,
salary number);

insert into sales values(1,’luda’,101,5555);
insert into sales values(2,’luya’,102,6666);
insert into sales values(3,’shaoshan’,103,7777);
insert into sales values(4,’xiaxian’,104,5355);
insert into sales values(5,’langyu’,105,5556);
insert into sales values(6,’sushan’,106,5457);
insert into sales values(7,’hens’,107,5337);
insert into sales values(8,’hludss’,107,6889);
insert into sales values(9,’yasil’,105,7993);

alter table lgc_mv rename cloumn hob_id to sal;

explain plan set statement_id=’sales’ for select * from sales;
select * from table(dbms_xplan.display);
explain plan set statement_id=’lgc_mv’ for select * from lgc_mv;


alter system set query_rewrite_enabled=true scope=spfile;
alter table lgc_mv noparallel;

SELECT mview_name, refresh_mode, refresh_method,
last_refresh_type, last_refresh_date
FROM user_mviews

drop materialized view lgc_info_mv;

create materialized view lgc_info_mv
build immediate
refresh complete
enable query rewrite as
select a.dep_id,sum(sal) sum_salary
from lgc_mv a,sales b where
group by a.dep_id;
create materialized view lgc_info_mv
build immediate
refresh complete
enable query rewrite as
select a.dep_id,sum(sal) sum_salary,count(sal),count(*)
from lgc_mv a,sales b where
group by a.dep_id;

exec dbms_mview.explain_mview(‘lgc.lgc_info_mv’);
SELECT capability_name, possible, SUBSTR(related_text,1,8)
AS rel_text, SUBSTR(msgtxt,1,60) AS msgtxt
TRUNCATE TABLE mv_capabilities_table
DROP materialized view log on sales;
DROP materialized view log on lgc_mv;

(id,name,dep_id,salary) INCLUDING NEW VALUES;

(id,name,loc,dep_id,sal) INCLUDING NEW VALUES;


Oracle event list explain

ORA-10000: controlfile debug event, name 'control_file'
ORA-10001: controlfile crash event1
ORA-10002: controlfile crash event2
ORA-10003: controlfile crash event3
ORA-10004: controlfile crash event4
ORA-10005: trace latch operations for debugging
ORA-10006: testing - block recovery forced
ORA-10007: log switch debug crash after new log select, thread
ORA-10008: log switch debug crash after new log header write, thread
ORA-10009: log switch debug crash after old log header write, thread
ORA-10010: Begin Transaction
ORA-10011: End   Transaction
ORA-10012: Abort Transaction
ORA-10013: Instance Recovery
ORA-10014: Roll Back to Save Point
ORA-10015: Undo Segment Recovery
ORA-10016: Undo Segment extend
ORA-10017: Undo Segment Wrap
ORA-10018: Data Segment Create
ORA-10019: Data Segment Recovery
ORA-10020: partial link restored to linked list (KSG)
ORA-10021: latch cleanup for state objects (KSS)
ORA-10022: trace ktsgsp
ORA-10023: Create Save Undo Segment
ORA-10024: Write to Save Undo
ORA-10025: Extend Save Undo Segment
ORA-10026: Apply Save Undo
ORA-10027: Specify Deadlock Trace Information to be Dumped
ORA-10028: Dump trace information during lock / resource latch cleanup
ORA-10029: session logon (KSU)
ORA-10030: session logoff (KSU)
ORA-10031: sort debug event (S*)
ORA-10032: sort statistics (SOR*)
ORA-10033: sort run information (SRD*/SRS*)
ORA-10035: parse SQL statement (OPIPRS)
ORA-10036: create remote row source (QKANET)
ORA-10037: allocate remote row source (QKARWS)
ORA-10038: dump row source tree (QBADRV)
ORA-10039: type checking (OPITCA)
ORA-10040: dirty cache list
ORA-10041: dump undo records skipped
ORA-10042: trap error during undo application
ORA-10043: check consistency of owner/waiter/converter lists in KSQ
ORA-10044: free list undo operations
ORA-10045: free list update operations - ktsrsp, ktsunl
ORA-10046: enable SQL statement timing
ORA-10047: trace switching of sessions
ORA-10048: Undo segment shrink
ORA-10049: protect library cache memory heaps
ORA-10050: sniper trace
ORA-10051: trace OPI calls
ORA-10052: don't clean up obj$
ORA-10053: CBO Enable optimizer trace
ORA-10054: trace UNDO handling in MLS
ORA-10055: trace UNDO handing
ORA-10056: dump analyze stats (kdg)
ORA-10057: suppress file names in error messages
ORA-10058: use table scan cost in tab$.spare1
ORA-10059: simulate error in logfile create/clear
ORA-10060: CBO Enable predicate dump
ORA-10061: disable SMON from cleaning temp segment
ORA-10062: disable usage of OS Roles in osds
ORA-10063: disable usage of DBA and OPER privileges in osds
ORA-10064: thread enable debug crash level , thread
ORA-10065: limit library cache dump information for state object dump
ORA-10066: simulate failure to verify file
ORA-10067: force redo log checksum errors - block number
ORA-10068: force redo log checksum errors - file number
ORA-10069: Trusted Oracle test event
ORA-10070: force datafile checksum errors - block number
ORA-10071: force datafile checksum errors - file number
ORA-10072: protect latch recovery memory
ORA-10073: have PMON dump info before latch cleanup
ORA-10074: default trace function mask for kst
ORA-10075: CBO Disable outer-join to regular join conversion
ORA-10076: CBO Enable cartesian product join costing
ORA-10077: CBO Disable view-merging optimization for outer-joins
ORA-10078: CBO Disable constant predicate elimination optimization
ORA-10079: trace data sent/received via SQL*Net
ORA-10080: dump a block on a segment list which cannot be exchanged
ORA-10081: segment High Water Mark has been advanced
ORA-10082: free list head block is the same as the last block
ORA-10083: a brand new block has been requested from space management
ORA-10084: free list becomes empty
ORA-10085: free lists have been merged
ORA-10086: CBO Enable error if kko and qka disagree on oby sort
ORA-10087: disable repair of media corrupt data blocks
ORA-10088: CBO Disable new NOT IN optimization
ORA-10089: CBO Disable index sorting
ORA-10090: invoke other events before crash recovery
ORA-10091: CBO Disable constant predicate merging
ORA-10092: CBO Disable hash join
ORA-10093: CBO Enable force hash joins
ORA-10094: before resizing a data file
ORA-10095: dump debugger commands to trace file
ORA-10096: after the cross instance call when resizing a data file
ORA-10097: after generating redo when resizing a data file
ORA-10098: after the OS has increased the size of a data file
ORA-10099: after updating the file header with the new file size
ORA-10100: after the OS has decreased the size of a data file
ORA-10101: atomic redo write recovery
ORA-10102: switch off anti-joins
ORA-10103: CBO Disable hash join swapping
ORA-10104: dump hash join statistics to trace file
ORA-10105: CBO Enable constant pred trans and MPs w WHERE-clause
ORA-10106: CBO Disable evaluating correlation pred last for NOT IN
ORA-10107: CBO Always use bitmap index
ORA-10108: CBO Don't use bitmap index
ORA-10109: CBO Disable move of negated predicates
ORA-10110: CBO Try index rowid range scans
ORA-10111: Bitmap index creation switch
ORA-10112: Bitmap index creation switch
ORA-10113: Bitmap index creation switch
ORA-10114: Bitmap index creation switch
ORA-10115: CBO Bitmap optimization use maximal expression
ORA-10116: CBO Bitmap optimization switch
ORA-10117: CBO Disable new parallel cost model
ORA-10118: CBO Enable hash join costing
ORA-10119: QKA Disable GBY sort elimination
ORA-10120: generate relative file # different from absolute
ORA-10121: CBO Don't sort bitmap chains
ORA-10122: Disable transformation of count(col) to count(*)
ORA-10123: QKA Disable Bitmap And-EQuals
ORA-10124: Force creation of segmented arrays by kscsAllocate
ORA-10125: Disable remote sort elimination
ORA-10126: Debug oracle java xa
ORA-10127: Disable remote query block operation
ORA-10128: Dump Partition Pruning Information
ORA-10129: Alter histogram lookup for remote queries
ORA-10130: sort disable readaheads
ORA-10131: use v$sql_plan code path for explain plan
ORA-10132: dump plan after compilation
ORA-10133: testing for SQL Memory Management
ORA-10134: tracing for SQL Memory Management for session
ORA-10135: CBO do not count 0 rows partitions
ORA-10136: CBO turn off fix for bug 1089848
ORA-10137: CBO turn off fix for bug 1344111
ORA-10138: CBO turn off fix for bug 1577003
ORA-10139: CBO turn off fix for bug 1386119
ORA-10140: CBO turn off fix for bug 1332980
ORA-10141: CBO disable additional keys for inlist in bitmap optimization
ORA-10142: CBO turn off advanced OR-expansion checks
ORA-10143: CBO turn off hints
ORA-10144: CBO turn off cost based selection of bji over bsj subquery
ORA-10145: test auditing network errors
ORA-10146: enable Oracle TRACE collection
ORA-10147: enable join push through UNION view
ORA-10148: Use pre-7.3.3 random generator
ORA-10149: allow the creation of constraints with illegal date constants
ORA-10150: import exceptions
ORA-10151: Force duplicate dependency removal
ORA-10152: CBO don't consider function costs in plans
ORA-10153: Switch to use public synonym if private one does not translate
ORA-10154: Switch to disallow synonyms in DDL statements
ORA-10155: CBO disable generation of transitive OR-chains
ORA-10156: CBO disable index fast full scan
ORA-10157: CBO disable index access path for in-list
ORA-10158: CBO preserve predicate order in post-filters
ORA-10159: CBO disable order-by sort pushdown into domain indexes
ORA-10160: CBO disable use of join index
ORA-10161: CBO recursive semi-join on/off-switch
ORA-10162: CBO join-back elimination on/off-switch
ORA-10163: CBO join-back elimination on/off-switch
ORA-10164: CBO disable subquery-adjusted cardinality fix
ORA-10165: mark session to be aborted during shutdown normal
ORA-10166: trace long operation statistics updates
ORA-10167: CBO use old index MIN/MAX optimization
ORA-10168: CBO disable single-table predicate predicate generation
ORA-10169: CBO disable histograms for multi partitions
ORA-10170: CBO use old bitmap costing
ORA-10171: CBO disable transitive join predicates
ORA-10172: CBO force hash join back
ORA-10173: CBO no constraint-based join-back elimination
ORA-10174: view join-back elimination switch
ORA-10175: CBO star transformation switch
ORA-10176: CBO colocated join switch
ORA-10177: CBO colocated join switch
ORA-10178: CBO turn off hash cluster filtering through memcmp
ORA-10179: CBO turn off transitive predicate replacement
ORA-10180: temp table transformation print error messages
ORA-10181: CBO disable multi-column in-list processing
ORA-10182: CBO disable generation of implied predicates
ORA-10183: CBO disable cost rounding
ORA-10184: CBO disable OR-exp if long inlist on bitmap column
ORA-10185: CBO force index joins
ORA-10186: CBO disable index join
ORA-10187: CBO additional index join switch
ORA-10188: CBO additional index join switch
ORA-10189: CBO turn off FFS null fix
ORA-10190: Analyze use old frequency histogram collection and density
ORA-10191: Avoid conversion of in-lists back to OR-expanded form
ORA-10192: nopushdown when number of groups exceed number of rows
ORA-10193: Force repeatable sampling with specified seed
ORA-10194: CBO disable new LIKE selectivity heuristic
ORA-10195: CBO don't use check constraints for transitive predicates
ORA-10196: CBO disable index skip scan
ORA-10197: CBO force index skip scan
ORA-10198: check undo record
ORA-10199: set parameter in session
ORA-10200: consistent read buffer status
ORA-10201: consistent read undo application
ORA-10202: consistent read block header
ORA-10203: block cleanout
ORA-10204: signal recursive extend
ORA-10205: row cache debugging
ORA-10206: transaction table consistent read
ORA-10207: consistent read transactions' status report
ORA-10208: consistent read loop check
ORA-10209: enable simulated error on controlfile
ORA-10210: check data block integrity
ORA-10211: check index block integrity
ORA-10212: check cluster integrity
ORA-10213: crash after controlfile write
ORA-10214: simulate write errors on controlfile
ORA-10215: simulate read errors on controlfile
ORA-10216: dump controlfile header
ORA-10217: debug sequence numbers
ORA-10218: dump uba of applied undo
ORA-10219: monitor multi-pass row locking
ORA-10220: show updates to the transaction table
ORA-10221: show changes done with undo
ORA-10222: row cache
ORA-10223: transaction layer - turn on verification codes
ORA-10224: index block split/delete trace
ORA-10225: free/used extent row cache
ORA-10226: trace CR applications of undo for data operations
ORA-10227: verify (multi-piece) row structure
ORA-10228: trace application of redo by kcocbk
ORA-10229: simulate I/O error against datafiles
ORA-10230: check redo generation by copying before applying
ORA-10231: skip corrupted blocks on _table_scans_
ORA-10232: dump corrupted blocks symbolically when kcbgotten
ORA-10233: skip corrupted blocks on index operations
ORA-10234: trigger event after calling kcrapc to do redo N times
ORA-10235: check memory manager internal structures
ORA-10236: library cache manager
ORA-10237: simulate ^C (for testing purposes)
ORA-10238: instantiation manager
ORA-10239: multi-instance library cache manager
ORA-10240: dump dba's of blocks that we wait for
ORA-10241: remote SQL execution tracing/validation
ORA-10242: suppress OER 2063 (for testing distrib w/o different error log)
ORA-10243: simulated error for test  of K2GTAB latch cleanup
ORA-10244: make tranids in error msgs print as 0.0.0 (for testing)
ORA-10245: simulate lock conflict error for testing PMON
ORA-10246: print trace of PMON actions to trace file
ORA-10247: Turn on scgcmn tracing. (VMS ONLY)
ORA-10248: turn on tracing for dispatchers
ORA-10249: turn on tracing for multi-stated servers
ORA-10250: Trace all allocate and free calls to the topmost SGA heap
ORA-10251: check consistency of transaction table and undo block
ORA-10252: simulate write error to data file header
ORA-10253: simulate write error to redo log
ORA-10254: trace cross-instance calls
ORA-10255: pl/sql parse checking
ORA-10256: turn off shared server load balancing
ORA-10257: trace shared server load balancing
ORA-10258: force shared servers to be chosen round-robin
ORA-10259: get error message text from remote using explicit call
ORA-10260: Trace calls to SMPRSET (VMS ONLY)
ORA-10261: Limit the size of the PGA heap
ORA-10262: Don't check for memory leaks
ORA-10263: Don't free empty PGA heap extents
ORA-10264: Collect statistics on context area usage (x$ksmcx)
ORA-10265: Keep random system generated output out of error messages
ORA-10266: Trace OSD stack usage
ORA-10267: Inhibit KSEDMP for testing
ORA-10268: Don't do forward coalesce when deleting extents
ORA-10269: Don't do coalesces of free space in SMON
ORA-10270: Debug shared cursors
ORA-10271: distributed transaction after COLLECT
ORA-10272: distributed transaction before PREPARE
ORA-10273: distributed transaction after PREPARE
ORA-10274: distributed transaction before COMMIT
ORA-10275: distributed transaction after COMMIT
ORA-10276: distributed transaction before FORGET
ORA-10277: Cursor sharing (or not) related event (used for testing)
ORA-10278: Internal testing
ORA-10279: Simulate block corruption in kdb4chk
ORA-10280: Internal testing - segmentation fault during crash recovery
ORA-10281: maximum time to wait for process creation
ORA-10282: Inhibit signalling of other backgrounds when one dies
ORA-10283: simulate asynch I/O never completing
ORA-10284: simulate zero/infinite asynch I/O buffering
ORA-10285: Simulate controlfile header corruption
ORA-10286: Simulate controlfile open error
ORA-10287: Simulate archiver error
ORA-10288: Do not check block type in ktrget
ORA-10289: Do block dumps to trace file in hex rather than fromatted
ORA-10290: kdnchk - checkvalid event - not for general purpose use.
ORA-10291: die in tbsdrv to test controlfile undo
ORA-10292: dump uet entries on a 1561 from dtsdrv
ORA-10293: dump debugging information when doing block recovery
ORA-10294: enable PERSISTENT DLM operations on non-compliant systems
ORA-10295: die after file header update durning cf xact
ORA-10296: disable ORA-379
ORA-10297: customize dictionary object number cache
ORA-10298: ksfd i/o tracing
ORA-10299: Trace prefetch tracking decisions made by CKPT
ORA-10300: disable undo compatibility check at database open
ORA-10301: Enable LCK timeout table consistency check
ORA-10302: trace create or drop internal trigger
ORA-10303: trace loading of library cache for internal triggers
ORA-10304: trace replication trigger
ORA-10305: trace updatable materialized view trigger
ORA-10306: trace materialized view log trigger
ORA-10307: trace RepCat execution
ORA-10308: replication testing event
ORA-10309: Trigger Debug event
ORA-10310: trace synchronous change table trigger
ORA-10311: Disable Flashback Table Timestamp checking
ORA-10312: Allow disable to log rows into the mapping table
ORA-10313: Allow Row CR operations for single instance
ORA-10314: Enable extra stats gathering for CR
ORA-10316: Events for extensible txn header, non zero ext header size
ORA-10317: Events for extensible txn header, zero ext header size
ORA-10318: Trace extensible txn header movements
ORA-10319: Trace PGA statistics maintenance
ORA-10320: Enable data layer (kdtgrs) tracing of space management calls
ORA-10321: Datafile header verification debug failure.
ORA-10322: CBO don't simplify inlist predicates
ORA-10323: before committing an add datafile command
ORA-10324: Enable better checking of redo logs errors
ORA-10325: Trace control file record section expand and shrink operations
ORA-10326: clear logfile debug crash at , log
ORA-10327: simulate ORA-00235 error for testing
ORA-10328: disable first-to-mount split-brain error, for testing
ORA-10329: simulate lost write, test detection by two-pass recovery
ORA-10330: clear MTTR statistics in checkpoint progress record
ORA-10331: simulate resilvering during recovery
ORA-10332: force ALTER SYSTEM QUIESCE RESTRICTED command to fail
ORA-10333: dump MTTR statistics each time it is updated
ORA-10334: force FG to wait to be killed during MTTR advisory simulation
ORA-10336: Do remote object transfer using remote SQL
ORA-10337: enable padding owner name in slave sql
ORA-10338: CBO don't use inlist iterator with function-based indexes
ORA-10339: CBO disable DECODE simplification
ORA-10340: Buffer queues sanity check for corrupted buffers
ORA-10341: Simulate out of PGA memory in DBWR during object reuse
ORA-10342: Raise unknown exception in ACQ_ADD when checkpointing
ORA-10343: Raise an out of memory exception-OER 4031 in ACQ_ADD
ORA-10344: Simulate kghxal returning 0 in ACQ_ADD but no exception
ORA-10345: validate queue when linking or unlinking a buffer
ORA-10346: check that all buffers for checkpoint have been written
ORA-10347: dump active checkpoint entries and checkpoint buffers
ORA-10348: test abnormal termination of process initiating file checkpoint
ORA-10349: do not allow ckpt to complete
ORA-10350: Simulate more than one object & tsn id in object reuse
ORA-10351: size of slots
ORA-10352: report direct path statistics
ORA-10353: number of slots
ORA-10354: turn on direct read path for parallel query
ORA-10355: turn on direct read path for scans
ORA-10356: turn on hint usage for direct read
ORA-10357: turn on debug information for direct path
ORA-10358: Simulate out of PGA memory in cache advisory reset
ORA-10359: turn off updates to control file for direct writes
ORA-10360: enable dbwr consistency checking
ORA-10365: turn on debug information for adaptive direct reads
ORA-10370: parallel query server kill event
ORA-10371: disable TQ hint
ORA-10372: parallel query server kill event proc
ORA-10373: parallel query server kill event
ORA-10374: parallel query server interrupt (validate lock value)
ORA-10375: turn on checks for statistics rollups
ORA-10376: turn on table queue statistics
ORA-10377: turn off load balancing
ORA-10378: force hard process/range affinity
ORA-10379: direct read for rowid range scans (unimplemented)
ORA-10380: kxfp latch cleanup testing event
ORA-10381: kxfp latch cleanup testing event
ORA-10382: parallel query server interrupt (reset)
ORA-10383: auto parallelization testing event
ORA-10384: parallel dataflow scheduler tracing
ORA-10385: parallel table scan range sampling method
ORA-10386: parallel SQL hash and range statistics
ORA-10387: parallel query server interrupt (normal)
ORA-10388: parallel query server interrupt (failure)
ORA-10389: parallel query server interrupt (cleanup)
ORA-10390: Trace parallel query slave execution
ORA-10391: trace PX granule allocation/assignment
ORA-10392: parallel query debugging bits
ORA-10393: print parallel query statistics
ORA-10394: generate a fake load to test adaptive and load balancing
ORA-10395: adjust sample size for range table queues
ORA-10396: circumvent range table queues for queries
ORA-10397: suppress verbose parallel coordinator error reporting
ORA-10398: enable timeouts in parallel query threads
ORA-10399: trace buffer allocation
ORA-10400: turn on system state dumps for shutdown debugging
ORA-10401: turn on IPC (ksxp) debugging
ORA-10402: turn on IPC (skgxp) debugging
ORA-10403: fake CPU number for default degree of parallelism
ORA-10404: crash dbwr after write
ORA-10405: emulate broken mirrors
ORA-10406: enable datetime TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL datatype creation
ORA-10407: enable datetime TIME datatype creation
ORA-10408: disable OLAP builtin window function usage
ORA-10409: enable granule memset and block invalidation at startup
ORA-10410: trigger simulated communications errors in KSXP
ORA-10411: simulate errors in IMR
ORA-10412: trigger simulated errors in CGS/CM interface
ORA-10413: force simulated error for testing purposes
ORA-10414: simulated error from event  level
ORA-10425: enable global enqueue service open event trace
ORA-10426: enable global enqueue service convert event trace
ORA-10427: enable global enqueue service traffic controller event trace
ORA-10428: enable tracing of global enqueue service distributed resource
ORA-10429: enable tracing of global enqueue service IPC calls
ORA-10430: enable tracing of global enqueue service AST calls
ORA-10431: enable verification messages on pi consistency
ORA-10432: enable tracing of global cache service fusion calls
ORA-10433: global enqueue service testing event
ORA-10434: enable tracing of global enqueue service multiple LMS
ORA-10435: enable tracing of global enqueue service deadlock detetction
ORA-10436: enable global cache service duplicate ping checking
ORA-10437: enable trace of global enqueue service S optimized resources
ORA-10442: enable trace of kst for ORA-01555 diagnostics
ORA-10450: signal ctrl-c in kdddca (drop column) after n rows
ORA-10496: Turn off fix for bug 2554178
ORA-10498: Trim blank characters including contol characters
ORA-10499: revert to old scale behaviour
ORA-10500: turn on traces for SMON
ORA-10501: periodically check selected heap
ORA-10502: CBO disable the fix for bug 2098120
ORA-10503: enable user-specified graduated bind lengths
ORA-10504: CBO disable the fix for bug 2607029
ORA-10510: turn off SMON check to offline pending offline rollback segment
ORA-10511: turn off SMON check to cleanup undo dictionary
ORA-10512: turn off SMON check to shrink rollback segments
ORA-10513: turn off wrap source compression
ORA-10515: turn on event to use physical cleanout
ORA-10520: recreate package/procedure/view only if definition has changed
ORA-10550: signal error during create as select/create index after n rows
ORA-10560: block type ''
ORA-10561: block type '', data object#
ORA-10562: Error occurred while applying redo to data block (file# , block# )
ORA-10563: Test recovery had to corrupt data block (file# , block# ) in order to proceed
ORA-10564: tablespace
ORA-10565: Another test recovery session is active
ORA-10566: Test recovery has used all the memory it can use
ORA-10567: Redo is inconsistent with data block (file# , block# )
ORA-10568: Failed to allocate recovery state object: out of SGA memory
ORA-10570: Test recovery complete
ORA-10571: Test recovery canceled
ORA-10572: Test recovery canceled due to errors
ORA-10573: Test recovery tested redo from change  to
ORA-10574: Test recovery did not corrupt any data block
ORA-10575: Give up restoring recovered datafiles to consistent state: out of memory
ORA-10576: Give up restoring recovered datafiles to consistent state: some error occurred
ORA-10577: Can not invoke test recovery for managed standby database recovery
ORA-10578: Can not allow corruption for managed standby database recovery
ORA-10579: Can not modify control file during test recovery
ORA-10580: Can not modify datafile header during test recovery
ORA-10581: Can not modify redo log header during test recovery
ORA-10582: The control file is not a backup control file
ORA-10583: Can not recovery file  renamed as missing during test recovery
ORA-10584: Can not invoke parallel recovery for test recovery
ORA-10585: Test recovery can not apply redo that may modify control file
ORA-10586: Test recovery had to corrupt 1 data block in order to proceed
ORA-10587: Invalid count for ALLOW n CORRUPTION option
ORA-10588: Can only allow 1 corruption for normal media/standby recovery
ORA-10589: Test recovery had to corrupt  data blocks in order to proceed
ORA-10590: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10591: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10592: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10593: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10594: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10595: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10596: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10597: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10598: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10599: kga (argus debugger) test flags
ORA-10600: check cursor frame allocation
ORA-10601: turn on debugging for cursor_sharing (literal replacement)
ORA-10602: cause an access violation (for testing purposes)
ORA-10603: cause an error to occur during truncate (for testing purposes)
ORA-10604: trace parallel create index
ORA-10605: enable parallel create index by default
ORA-10606: trace parallel create index
ORA-10607: trace index rowid partition scan
ORA-10608: trace create bitmap index
ORA-10609: trace for array index insertion
ORA-10610: trace create index pseudo optimizer
ORA-10611: causes migration to fail - testing only
ORA-10612: prints debug information for auto-space managed segments
ORA-10613: prints debug information for auto-space managed segments
ORA-10614: Operation not allowed on this segment
ORA-10615: Invalid tablespace type for temporary tablespace
ORA-10616: Operation not allowed on this tablespace
ORA-10617: Cannot create rollback segment in dictionary managed tablespace
ORA-10618: Operation not allowed on this segment
ORA-10619: Avoid assertions when possible
ORA-10620: Operation not allowed on this segment
ORA-10621: data block does not belong to the segment
ORA-10622: test/trace online index (re)build
ORA-10623: Enable Index range scan Prefetch - testing only
ORA-10624: Disable UJV invalidation on drop index
ORA-10625: Turn off redo log dump for the index when OERI 12700
ORA-10627: Dump the content of the index leaf block
ORA-10628: Turn on sanity check for kdiss index skip scan state
ORA-10640: Operation not permitted during SYSTEM tablespace migration
ORA-10641: Cannot find a rollback segment to bind to
ORA-10642: Found rollback segments in dictionary managed tablespaces
ORA-10643: Database should be mounted in restricted mode and Exclusive mode
ORA-10644: SYSTEM tablespace cannot be default temporary tablespace
ORA-10645: Recursive Extension in SYSTEM tablespace during migration
ORA-10646: Too many recursive extensions during SYSTEM tablespace migration
ORA-10647: Tablespace other than SYSTEM,,  not found in read only mode
ORA-10650: disable cache-callback optimisation
ORA-10651: incorrect file number block number specified
ORA-10666: Do not get database enqueue name
ORA-10667: Cause sppst to check for valid process ids
ORA-10690: Set shadow process core file dump type (Unix only)
ORA-10691: Set background process core file type (Unix only)
ORA-10700: Alter access violation exception handler
ORA-10701: Dump direct loader index keys
ORA-10702: Enable histogram data generation
ORA-10703: Simulate process death during enqueue get
ORA-10704: Print out information about what enqueues are being obtained
ORA-10705: Print Out Tracing information for every I/O done by ODSs
ORA-10706: Print out information about global enqueue manipulation
ORA-10707: Simulate process death for instance registration
ORA-10708: print out trace information from the RAC buffer cache
ORA-10709: enable parallel instances in create index by default
ORA-10710: trace bitmap index access
ORA-10711: trace bitmap index merge
ORA-10712: trace bitmap index or
ORA-10713: trace bitmap index and
ORA-10714: trace bitmap index minus
ORA-10715: trace bitmap index conversion to rowids
ORA-10716: trace bitmap index compress/decompress
ORA-10717: trace bitmap index compaction trace for index creation
ORA-10718: event to disable automatic compaction after index creation
ORA-10719: trace bitmap index dml
ORA-10720: trace db scheduling
ORA-10721: Internal testing - temp table transformation
ORA-10722: set parameters for CPU frequency calculation (debug)
ORA-10723: Internal testing - release buffer for buffer cache shrink
ORA-10724: trace cross-instance broadcast
ORA-10730: trace row level security policy predicates
ORA-10731: dump SQL for CURSOR expressions
ORA-10740: disables fix for bug 598861
ORA-10750: test rollback segment blksize guessing for index array insert
ORA-10800: disable Smart Disk scan
ORA-10801: enable Smart Disk trace
ORA-10802: reserved for Smart Disk
ORA-10803: write timing statistics on cluster database recovery scan
ORA-10804: reserved for ksxb
ORA-10806: Switch to 7.3 mode when detaching sessions
ORA-10807: Disable user id check when switching to a global transaction
ORA-10810: Trace snapshot too old
ORA-10811: Trace block cleanouts
ORA-10812: Trace Consistent Reads
ORA-10826: enable upgrade/downgrade error message trace
ORA-10827: database must be opened with MIGRATE option
ORA-10830: Trace group by sort row source
ORA-10831: Trace group by rollup row source
ORA-10841: Default un-inintialized charact set form to SQLCS_IMPLICIT
ORA-10842: Event for OCI Tracing and Statistics Info
ORA-10850: Enable time manager tracing
ORA-10851: Allow Drop command to drop queue tables
ORA-10852: Enable tracing for Enqueue Dequeue Operations
ORA-10853: event for AQ statistics latch cleanup testing
ORA-10856: Disable AQ propagator from using streaming
ORA-10857: Force AQ propagator to use two-phase commit
ORA-10858: Crash the AQ propagator at different stages of commit
ORA-10859: Disable updates of message retry count
ORA-10860: event for AQ admin disable new name parser
ORA-10861: disable storing extended message properties
ORA-10862: resolve default queue owner to current user in enqueue/dequeue
ORA-10871: dump file open/close timestamp during media recovery
ORA-10900: extent manager fault insertion event #
ORA-10902: disable seghdr conversion for ro operation
ORA-10903: Force tablespaces to become locally managed
ORA-10904: Allow locally managed tablespaces to have user allocation
ORA-10905: Do cache verification (kcbcxx) on extent allocation
ORA-10906: Unable to extend segment after insert direct load
ORA-10907: Trace extent management events
ORA-10908: Trace temp tablespace events
ORA-10909: Trace free list events
ORA-10910: inject corner case events into the RAC buffer cache
ORA-10911: Locally managed SYSTEM tablespace bitmaps can be modified only under the supervision of Oracle Support
ORA-10912: Used to perform admin operations on locally managed SYSTEM tablespace
ORA-10913: Create locally managed database if compatible > 920 by default
ORA-10924: import storage parse error ignore event
ORA-10925: trace name context forever
ORA-10926: trace name context forever
ORA-10927: trace name context forever
ORA-10928: trace name context forever
ORA-10929: trace name context forever
ORA-10930: trace name context forever
ORA-10931: trace name context forever
ORA-10932: trace name context forever
ORA-10933: trace name context forever
ORA-10934: Reserved.  Used only in version 7.x.
ORA-10935: Reserved.  Used only in version 7.x.
ORA-10936: trace name context forever
ORA-10937: trace name context forever
ORA-10938: trace name context forever
ORA-10939: trace name context forever
ORA-10940: trace name context forever
ORA-10941: trace name context forever
ORA-10943: trace name context forever
ORA-10944: trace name context forever
ORA-10945: trace name context forever
ORA-10970: backout event for bug 2133357
ORA-10975: trace execution of parallel propagation
ORA-10976: internal package related tracing
ORA-10977: trace event for RepAPI
ORA-10979: trace flags for join index implementation
ORA-10980: prevent sharing of parsed query during Materialized View query generation
ORA-10981: dscn computation-related event in replication
ORA-10982: event to turn off CDC-format MV Logs
ORA-10983: event to enable Create_Change_Table debugging
ORA-10984: subquery materialized view-related event
ORA-10985: event for NULL refresh of materialized views
ORA-10986: donot use HASH_AJ in refresh
ORA-10987: event for the support of caching table with object feature
ORA-10988: event to get exclusive lock during materialized view refresh in IAS
ORA-10989: event to internally create statistics MV
ORA-10996: event to make a process hold a latch in ksu
ORA-10999: do not get database enqueue name


Grep : g (globally) search for a re (regular expression ) and p (print ) the results.

-I :忽略大小写
-c :打印匹配的行数
-l :从多个文件中查找包含匹配项
-v :查找不包含匹配项的行

^ 匹配正则表达式的开始行
$ 匹配正则表达式的结束行
< 从匹配正则表达式的行开始 >; 到匹配正则表达式的行结束
[ ] 单个字符;如[A] 即A符合要求
[ – ] 范围 ;如[A-Z]即A,B,C一直到Z都符合要求
. 所有的单个字符
* 所有字符,长度可以为0

# ps -ef | grep in.telnetd
root 19955 181 0 13:43:53 ? 0:00 in.telnetd

# more size.txt size文件的内容

# more size.txt | grep ‘[a-b]’ 范围 ;如[A-Z]即A,B,C一直到Z都符合要求
# more size.txt | grep ‘[a-b]’*

# more size.txt | grep ” 单个字符;如[A] 即A符合要求
# more size.txt | grep ‘[bB]’

# grep ‘root’ /etc/group

# grep ‘^root’ /etc/group 匹配正则表达式的开始行

# grep ‘uucp’ /etc/group

# grep ‘;/tmp/sharetab.$$
[ “x$fstype” != xnfs ] &&
echo “$patht$rest$fstypet$optst$desc”
/usr/bin/touch -r /etc/dfs/sharetab /tmp/sharetab.$$
/usr/bin/mv -f /tmp/sharetab.$$ /etc/dfs/sharetab
if [ -f /etc/dfs/dfstab ] && /usr/bin/egrep -v ‘^[ ]*(#|$)’
if [ $startnfsd -eq 0 -a -f /etc/rmmount.conf ] &&
if [ $startnfsd -ne 0 ]; then
elif [ ! -n “$_INIT_RUN_LEVEL” ]; then
while [ $wtime -gt 0 ]; do
wtime=`expr $wtime – 1`
if [ $wtime -eq 0 ]; then
echo “Usage: $0 { start | stop }”

# more size.txt

the test file
their are files
The end

# grep ‘the’ size.txt
the test file
their are files

# grep ‘;’ size.txt
the test file

# grep ‘;’ size.txt
the test file

# grep ‘< [Tt]he>;’ size.txt
the test file
The end