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Corruptions on OBJ$ indexes。OBJ$上索引损坏的一种处理方式(数据量不大的时候,只要业务允许停机可以忽略数据量的考虑)

INTERNAL:Corruptions on OBJ$ indexes (Doc ID 39400.1)


To export a system when there are corruptions on indexes on OBJ$:




–     Connect internal in SQLDBA and assuming your default tablespace is

SYSTEM and you have some free space:


create table pig$ as select * from obj$;


create unique index p_obj1 on pig$(obj#);


create unique index p_obj2 on pig$(owner#, name, namespace,

remoteowner, linkname);



–     Now edit the catexp.sql script (take a safe copy first).

This is generally located in the RDBMS/ADMIN directory.


Edit this to change ALL references to the table ‘OBJ$’

to now reference ‘PIG$’.


–     Connect internal in SQLDBA and run this new CATEXP.SQL


–     Perform a FULL export.


–     Shutdown the database and delete it.


–     Recreate the database from scratch with a CREATE DATABASE command.

Ensure you set up a second rollback segment for non-system

tablespace use on the import.


–     Perform a FULL import.